Your nose is runny, you’re sweating, your taste buds are on fire. But, you love it! We find pleasure in this burning sensation.

Turns out other than adding flavour to the food, spices have a great impact on our body too. Check out these health benefits of having spicy food.

1. Your heart will thank you

Cholesterol has shown to lessen and blood clots are dissolved when pungent or spices are added to the diet thus improving heart functioning.

2. You will be great shape

Capsaicin increases body heat and thus improves metabolism which helps to burn more amount of calories.

3. You won’t get cancer

Capsaicin present in spices and herbs have shown to slow down the growth of cancer cells and sometimes even kill the cells without causing damage to other cells.

4. You will be calmer

Spicy foods have also proven to significantly lower the blood pressure level in the body and produce happy hormones.

5. Your stomach is happy

It is a myth that spicy food causes an ulcer. In fact, spicy food protects the stomach lining when eaten in moderation.

6. You have better circulation

Eating spicy food increases your temperature which increases your blood flow.

7. You breathe better

Spicy food is great for cold and flu as it opens up the clogged nasal canal and gives better breathing.

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