From diet deities to gym freaks, there are a lot of health conscious people out there. Surrounded by the crowded pieces of advice and tips given on a wide variety of health topics, one still makes easy but effective health mistakes. Here are some of the most common health errors you probably make every day that you must avoid.

1. You ignore nature’s call

Do you always wait to go to the washroom until the feeling of discomfort arrives? The more you control your nature’s call, the more bacteria enter your bladder.

2. You like your music loud

You love spending time by plugging in your headphones and pumping up the loud music. This’ll damage your eardrum and nerves before you even know it.

3. You open the car window

Sure you love feeling the cool breeze against your face while driving but did you know the amount of dirt, dust and microbes entering your lungs are enough to infect you?

4. You keep water in a plastic bottle

Plastic releases chemicals so unless you want to drink water filled up with toxins, go ahead use the ‘disposable bottle’.

5. You carry a heavy bag

These heavy bags heavily damage not only your posture but also your make you slouch and trigger laziness.

6. You ignore the labels

If all of us start following the “always read the label” rule, we would be part of a more aware and healthy society.

7. You skip your breakfast 

Research suggests that one must never skip breakfast out of all the other meals of the day.

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