Who doesn’t crave for flawless, spotless and radiant skin? But dark spots, discolouration and acne cast a dark cloud over your desire for healthy skin as well as your confidence. One of the most common skin disorders we know is Hyperpigmentation which is caused by abnormal melanin production in the skin. But did you know there are certain shocking factors causing hyperpigmentation?

1.Hair removers culprit

Credits- naazparlour.com

Unsightly stray hairs on your body can sure be unappealing which you can get rid off easily by waxing, threading or creams. This exposure of skin to harsh chemicals can lead to severe skin discolouration.

2.Heavy on sunlight

Research says one must always apply sunscreen even during winter. It protects skin from the UV light when you’re basking under the sun.

3.Your laptop is dangerous

The radiations released by electronic appliances are harmful on the skin and on high usage can even be cancerous. Always use a tray or a table and never place your laptop on your lap.

4.Make up causes the patched up skin

Makeup can temporarily make your skin look great, but when it comes to long-term, makeup does nothing but harm to your skin thanks to the factory of chemicals involved in producing them.

5.Hot shower 

We all love to have a warm comforting bath that soothes our mood. Apparently, hot water removes the much-needed oil layer from our skin which makes it dry, itchy and causes discolouration.

6.Sugar havoc

Consumption of sugar results in inflammation throughout our body triggered by an immune response. Now that’s some bad news for chocolate lovers.

7.Citrus products

Lemon juice has always been an important part of one’s facial routine. But the acid can be sometimes quite harsh on some people’s skin that might trigger hyperpigmentation.

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