As soon we entered ninth standards and got our Biology books, we all would sneak into our rooms and peep into the chapter titled, ‘Human Reproduction’. Sex remains one of the most searched keywords on Google but when we talk about sex education, there was just one chapter in the entire twelve years of schooling dedicated to the subject which is seemingly not enough.  However, this shouldn’t stop you from learning things. Well, here some reproductive facts or lessons you MUST know!

1. Educate yourself!

Many a time important points about sex are never discussed or taught in our school. The word “sex” has been most searched on the internet due to lack of explanation or understanding is done by students. First of all, make sure to teach yourself.

2. Sizes vary and THAT’S OKAY!

Every breast, penis, butt and even vagina come in different sizes! The topic of sizes is never told in our school. We mostly get familiar with this through peers or the internet often in hateful and distorted ways. The variation from normal range can be misleading to many. Things would have been better if we were taught that sizes really matter much.

3. PORN is NOT enough!

In fact, when talking about vaginas or penises, it is only sensible that you get personal with it. Stand up to a mirror and get familiar with the organs they only spell theoretically for you. Also, to get realistic, porn sets up high standards that are literally, physically and cognitively impossible!

4. What’s an orgasm?

Orgasm is basically a feeling that is the peak of your sexual excitement. If you are asking this question, it is quite probable that you think that this definition is very subjective and one can never truly understand it’s meaning until and unless you experience it yourself.  Women take a longer time to reach the peak level as compared to men.

5. Women Ejaculate too!

Women also may ejaculate a clear fluid when they orgasm. These secretions come from the Skene’s glands.

6. Male contraceptives!

Yes, there are contraceptives for males out there! With advancement in technology and medical industry, long gone are the days when contraception was just a female thing.

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